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    Credit card information must be provided prior to start of service(s).

    Inspections will be invoiced in full on the business day prior to the scheduled service. If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled service, you will be charged a $300.00 cancellation fee.

    Engine Inspection
    Generator Inspection (With Engine Inspection)
    Generator Inspection (Independent)
    Fluid Samples (Oil, Fuel, Gear, Coolant)
    terms of service.



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    Signed work order required for all service repairs requested. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Upon submitting your service request, you will be redirected to book your appointment and complete your deposit. If you've already completed that portion in the beginning, you are all set!

    Please be aware: A completed form, date selection, and deposit are required to secure your appointment.

    Terms of Service

    Deposit Required

    Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. will not perform any service(s) without a deposit.
    A deposit of $300.00 dollars is required for all services.
    If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled service, your service deposit is non-refundable.

    1. I hereby authorize requested services to be performed with the necessary material(s) and hereby grant Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. permission to operate the boat herein described on local waterways for the purpose of testing and/or inspection. I hereby authorize Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. to communicate via phone, text, USPS or e-mail.
    2. Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. is not responsible for unavailability of parts or delays in parts shipments beyond our control or for the loss or damage to boat or articles in boat in case of fire, theft or any other cause beyond our control.
    3. Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. does not guarantee or warrantee parts that are supplied by the customer. Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. reserves the right to not install any customer supplied parts.
    4. Due to insurance regulations: No work below the water line is permitted by the owner or representative; including bottom paint, thru hulls, zincs, etc.
    5. An environmental fee of three percent of the accrued parts total will be applied to each service order. A shop material fee of five percent of the accrued labor total will be applied to each service order.
    6. NON-PAYMENT: In the event of non-payment for repairs and/or materials, pursuant to this service order, I agree that an expressed mechanics lien is hereby acknowledged on herein described boat to secure payment. In accordance with the provisions of the State of New Jersey statute, I hereby represent to Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. that I am the owner of the boat and have authorization to order and/or request repairs. In the event that the balance is thirty days past due, the account will not only be subject to a three percent monthly service charge but also will be assigned for collections.
    7. JURISDICTION: In the event that there are disputes concerning any services performed on the Boat. I agree that the jurisdiction shall be vested in the superior court of New Jersey, Law Division at the Monmouth County Court House, Freehold, NJ and hereby consent to in personum jurisdiction, by means of forwarding a Summons and Complaint by certified mail, return receipt requested.
    8. ESTIMATE: A diagnostic charge may be charged to establish an estimate of total cost for the purpose of obligating funds and establishing a ceiling that may not be exceeded without the prior approval of the customer.
    9. TRAVEL: I agree to pay the mobile / off site mechanical work labor rate for the technicians travel time to and from the worksite.
    10. WARRANTY: Provide proof of manufacturers / extended warranty. Must be submitted with service request.

    Workmanship Warranty Policy
    Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. offers a no-charge (6) month warranty on workmanship related to labor performed and (6) months on parts from date the unit serviced is received by owner/agent of the owner or the last labor on repair made in cases where invoicing is incomplete at time of unit release, unless otherwise stated in writing by Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc.

    Should the failure be a result of damage or defect of an installed product we reserve the right to use the manufacturer warranty in place of this warranty to resolve the failure.

    Any tampering with repairs made, additions or changes to the condition of the product, programming or adjustments after our repair would void this warranty.

    If maintenance or repairs are made by another company, during the (6) month time period, we reserve the right to receive proof of said maintenance or repair prior to covering under our workmanship warranty policy.

    All workmanship warranty repairs must be made by Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc., unless otherwise authorized by us at the time of failure to be performed by another Distributor or Dealer.

    All defective material must be returned to Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. for final failure analysis and determination of failure. Should parts or inspection results be inconclusive of workmanship Management reserves the right to review and make a decision to resolve the issue.

    Limitations & Exclusions
    The warranty is limited and is void in situations resulting from misuse of equipment or parts used not for its intended purpose, operator negligence and lack of proper maintenance procedures.

    A copy of the repair or invoice number will be needed to prove coverage under this workmanship warranty policy.

    Any and all parts supplied by the customer for use during repairs are excluded from this workmanship warranty policy.

    The replacement of normal maintenance items (such as filters, belts, hoses, air cleaner, antifreeze and oil) made in connection with normal maintenance services, loss of use of vessel/equipment/unit, revenue, or any other consequential damages or incurred expenses including but not limited to travel time, towing, hotel lodging, rentals, or wages are not covered by this workmanship warranty policy.

    There are no extensions on this agreement. This warranty applies to repairs made by Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. only. Over the counter part sales are covered under manufacturer warranty and are excluded from this workmanship warranty policy.

    For additional information, questions or to report a failure, please contact our service department.