Marine Surveys

Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. offers comprehensive marine diesel and gas engine survey services as well as generators survey services to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.

Our surveys include:

Our comprehensive marine engine surveys begin with an initial visual inspection of the vessels machinery space to evaluate the engines and mechanical systems for adherence to ABYC and manufacturers specifications.

Check the engine RPM, pressures and temperatures while operating the vessel under cruise RPM
conditions and full (WOT) load.
Generator operation checked under full load.
Compare performance to the specifications required by the manufacturer.

We measure:

  • Engine room temperature
  • Engine vacuum (depression)
  • Engine parameters
    • Temperature
    • Boost pressure
    • Exhaust temperature
    • Oil pressure(s): engine and transmission
    • Alternator output: amperage and voltage

Infrared thermal imaging is performed during the sea trial to detect and evaluate any temperature

For electronically controlled engines, diagnostic equipment is connected to not only check and record any diagnostic codes (active and historical) but also measure and record engine operational parameters.
A WOT test will reveal several performance parameters and will make sure the propeller and engine are properly matched. It will also confirm whether or not the engine is capable of producing maximum RPMs for an extended period of time without experiencing problems such as overheating, smoking, vibrating or abnormal fuel consumption.
Samples of engine crankcase oil and transmission (gear) fluid are taken for laboratory analysis. Additionally, as required, coolant and fuel samples are taken for laboratory analysis.
At the conclusion of our marine engine survey we will provide you with a comprehensive written report encompassing a list of deficiencies and recommendations, diagnostic reports and fluid analysis results with interpretation and support documentation including engine technical data and operators manuals.

Terms of Service

Deposit Required

Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. will not perform any service(s) without a deposit.
A deposit of $300.00 dollars is required for all services.
If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled service, your service deposit is non-refundable.

  1. I hereby authorize requested services to be performed with the necessary material(s) and hereby grant Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. permission to operate the boat herein described on local waterways for the purpose of testing and/or inspection. I hereby authorize Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. to communicate via phone, text, USPS or e-mail.
  2. Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. is not responsible for unavailability of parts or delays in parts shipments beyond our control or for the loss or damage to boat or articles in boat in case of fire, theft or any other cause beyond our control.
  3. Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. does not guarantee or warrantee parts that are supplied by the customer. Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. reserves the right to not install any customer supplied parts.
  4. Due to insurance regulations: No work below the water line is permitted by the owner or representative; including bottom paint, thru hulls, zincs, etc.
  5. An environmental fee of three percent of the accrued parts total will be applied to each service order. A shop material fee of five percent of the accrued labor total will be applied to each service order.
  6. NON-PAYMENT: In the event of non-payment for repairs and/or materials, pursuant to this service order, I agree that an expressed mechanics lien is hereby acknowledged on herein described boat to secure payment. In accordance with the provisions of the State of New Jersey statute, I hereby represent to Monmouth Marine Engines, Inc. that I am the owner of the boat and have authorization to order and/or request repairs. In the event that the balance is thirty days past due, the account will not only be subject to a three percent monthly service charge but also will be assigned for collections.
  7. JURISDICTION: In the event that there are disputes concerning any services performed on the Boat. I agree that the jurisdiction shall be vested in the superior court of New Jersey, Law Division at the Monmouth County Court House, Freehold, NJ and hereby consent to in personum jurisdiction, by means of forwarding a Summons and Complaint by certified mail, return receipt requested.
  8. ESTIMATE: A diagnostic charge may be charged to establish an estimate of total cost for the purpose of obligating funds and establishing a ceiling that may not be exceeded without the prior approval of the customer.
  9. TRAVEL: I agree to pay the mobile / off site mechanical work labor rate for the technicians travel time to and from the worksite.
  10. WARRANTY: Provide proof of manufacturers / extended warranty. Must be submitted with service request.